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Five Longquan companies won the title of "2019 Municipal Enterprise Technology Center in Lishui City"
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  Lishui City Economic and Information Technology Bureau announced the results of the recognition of the municipal enterprise technology center in 2019. Zhejiang Longzhixing Compressor Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Junbo Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Nengfu Tourist Products Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Outeli Auto Air Conditioner Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Fanghong Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. and other five companies were on the list and won the honorary title of "2019 Municipal Enterprise Technology Center of Lishui City".

  In recent years, Longquan City has actively promoted enterprises to enhance their awareness of innovation, increased the cultivation of enterprise technology centers, and introduced special rewards and support policies, and granted 500,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan to enterprises that have won national, provincial, and Lishui city-level enterprise technology centers. A reward of RMB 100,000. At the same time, a certain percentage of incentives and subsidies were given to enterprises' R&D investment, which effectively improved the enthusiasm and initiative of enterprises in technological innovation. Up to now, Longquan City has 3 provincial-level enterprise technology centers and 23 Lishui municipal-level enterprise technology centers.

  In the next step, the city will continue to strengthen and standardize the certification management of the city's enterprise technology center, and accelerate the establishment of a technology innovation system that takes enterprises as the main body, market-oriented, and combines production, education and research.

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