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71/5000 2020 Zhejiang Longquan Economic Development Zone Enterprise Development Conference held! The companies and individuals you know have won awards
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On August 13, the 2020 Enterprise Development Conference of Zhejiang Longquan economic development zone was held, summarizing the work of enterprise development in 2019, specifying the enterprise development goals for 2020, further creating a development atmosphere and boosting development confidence, set off the development climax of catching up with ecological economy and catching up with comparative study. More than 180 business representatives attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the state-of-the-art collective on the 2019 Development Zone's meritorious enterprises, Star Enterprises, fast-growing enterprises, Star enterprises for starting businesses, comprehensive social management and the creation of peace and security enterprises, in 2019, the outstanding director (manager) , Workshop Director, accounting (statistics) , comprehensive management of social management and the establishment of peace enterprise advanced individuals were commended, and medals and certificates were awarded on the spot.

It was pointed out that

In the past year, science and Technology Innovation highlights of the enterprises in the development zone, market development has been strengthened, business investment to highlight their commitment to overcome the difficulties of the epidemic, all economic indicators in the forefront of the city. To continue to do a good job in large enterprises, strengthen the object of dynamic management, to give preferential policies, to provide personalized special class support services. To do a good job in low-scattered governance, accelerate the "Zombie" enterprise disposal, improve land output efficiency and per-mu tax revenue, to promote industrial organic renewal. To optimize and deepen enterprise services, to help enterprises solve practical difficulties, try to improve the basic level of enterprise management, enhance the ability to resist risk, to help enterprises to become bigger, stronger and better. We need to step up our efforts to fight the epidemic, seize the market, re-invest in the economy, ensure safety and increase efficiency, so as to take off and catch up with Longquan eco-industry, and make due contribution to building a beautiful and happy Longquan in the new era.


(in no particular order)

Meritorious Enterprises

Zhejiang Guojing Pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd.

Zhejiang Yili Automobile Air Conditioning Co. , Ltd.

Star enterprises

Zhejiang Santian Automobile Air Conditioning Compressor Co. , Ltd.

Zhejiang Tianhe Food Co. , Ltd.

Zhejiang Shike Auto Parts Co. , Ltd.

Zhejiang Xinjin Air Conditioning Equipment Co. , Ltd.

Zhejiang Guoli Packing Co. , Ltd.

Zhejiang Senya Board Industry Co. , Ltd.

Fast growing enterprise

Zhejiang Lantong Air Conditioning Equipment Co. , Ltd.

Zhejiang Junbo Auto Parts Co. , Ltd.

Zhejiang Zhixin Auto Parts Co. , Ltd.

Zhejiang Guangli Construction Machinery Co. , Ltd.

Zhejiang Yiqi Wood Co. , Ltd.

Zhejiang Longquan Baojian Factory Co. , Ltd.

Zhejiang AOLIDA Air Conditioning Parts Co. , Ltd.

Zhejiang Taifeng Bamboo & Wood Co. , Ltd.

Longquan Oujiang Celadon Co. , Ltd.

Zhejiang Zhengshi Sword Co. , Ltd.

The Star of entrepreneurship

Longquan Mingying Precision Pipe Co. , Ltd.

Longquan Daxing Agriculture Development Co. , Ltd.


Longquan Fengsui Grain & OIL CO. , Ltd.

Zhejiang Youquan Auto Parts Co. , Ltd.

Individual Award

(in no particular order)

10 Outstanding Factory Directors (managers)

Ji Xiaofen (Innovation Company) Wu Qiguang (Yijia Company)

Yu Shunping (Donglong company) Wang Yikang (Lifeng company)

Xu Yunfeng (Nanxing company) Zhang Weiyou (Yongxin company)

Zhang Weihao (Shuangrong company) Peric Lee (Guojing Company)

Meijer (Yangxin Company) Wu Wen (Xinxing Company)

Top 10 workshop directors

Wei Tu Long (Dragon Star Company) Wang Peng (Mita compressor company)

Lin Shangqing (Kaisen company) Zheng Qikang (santian filter company)

Yang Jiquan (ottery) Liang Jie (Jiuyi)

Lin Zhiliang (Jinfeng Company) Xu Chunwei (Chuanghui company)

Xie Xianshui (Gilles Company) Zhang Weiguo (Ge Ming Company)

Top 10 accountants (statisticians)

Li Xiaomei (Xinjin Company) Wu Simiao (National Company)

Yang Pei (Shi Ke company) you you you Jiao (Tian He company)

Yang Bingzhen (Innovation Company) Huang Zhongyan (santian filter company)

Li Qiulan (Baimao Company) Yu Shenghe (Wuxin concrete company)

Pan Zhang Lan (Jinhong company) Zhou Lianju (Songxin company)

55 outstanding employees

Yoo Gun (Guojing Company) Liu Changrong (Fanghong company)

Huang Aiqin (perseverance company) Chen Liju (perseverance company)

Gong Jiugen (Xinjin Company) Ye Lihong (National Company)

Qiu Chunmei (Dragon Star Company) Du Xinjun (Shike Company)

Li Xiaojuan (Wei de Company) Zhang Yongwu (Tianhe Company)

Shen Guoming (Senya Company) Sha Aijuan (Senya Company)

Huang Huan (Mita Compressor Company) Lu Wei Jun (Kaisen company)

Wang Zhenghai (Langtong company) Wang Yuanwu (Langtong company)

Wang Lihong (excelsior) , Zhou Lianju (Songxin)

Chen Xi (Sword Factory) Li Zhe (Sword Factory)

Hu Junmin (zhuoyi concrete company) Jin Muyou (zhuoyi concrete company)

Zhou Junmin (Ou River Celadon Company) Yang Jichang (belief company)

Zhang Cailai (AOLIDA company) Huang Zhibing (Yiqi company)

Wu Lihong (Guangli company) Ye Jun (Eurasia Group)

Pan Zhongxiu (Zheng's sword company) Qu Zhen (Taifeng company)

Fang Guanman (founder) Lei Jianwei (Yueqing Pipe Company)

Li Chao (Junbo) Zhu Zhijun (Bowei)

Wu Mingying (Jun Yi Company) Ge Jinlong (Yi Zhi Xing Company)

Fang Meixiu (Furui Corporation) Liao Wenbin (Garvin Corporation)

Chen Shaohua (Hengrui company) Mao Huiqin (Zhongtai Company)

Fang Wei (Wanjia Aluminum Company) Peng Guangqing (Jinding Wood Company)

Wu Yuting (Mingying Co. .) Chen Linsong (Johnson Co. .)

Yang Junfan (Jinli Copper Company) Xu Zhiping (Yuanxiang company)

Lincona (Yilong Company) Wang Liya (Nanxin company)

Lin Caiwei (Sanhe Company) Li Jianguo (Longteng company)

Peng Yafen (Keda Company) Liangoufen (top Code Company)

Zhou Changrong (Longquanshan company) Liu Miaobo (zhengda biology company)

Zhang Hengxin (Kampar)

Comprehensive Management of Social Management and establishment of peaceful enterprises

List of advanced collectives and individuals

(in no particular order)

Advanced Collectives (3)

Zhejiang Santian Filter Co. , Ltd.

Zhejiang Yili Air Conditioning Co. , Ltd.

Zhejiang Donglong Industry & Trade Co. , Ltd.

Advanced Individuals (10)

Wanfenfen (Zhejiang Guojing Pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd. .)

He Denghuan (Zhejiang Chuangxin Automobile Air Conditioning Co. , Ltd. .)

Weng Xiaolin (Zhejiang Santian Filter Co. , Ltd. .)

Wang Xiaolong (Zhejiang Lantong Air Conditioning Equipment Co. , Ltd. .)

Chen Jilan (Zhejiang Lifeng Machinery Parts Co. , Ltd. .)

Zhou Qiulin (Zhejiang Bowei Automotive Air Conditioning Co. , Ltd. .)

Ye Yili (Zhejiang Yili Air Conditioning Co. , Ltd.)/span>

Zhang Shaoli (Longquan Kaifeng Gas Co. , Ltd. .)

Zhou Shufang (Zhejiang Guoli Packaging Co. , Ltd. .)

Pan Yang Yin (Zhejiang Donglong Industry & Trade Co. , Ltd. .)


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